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    During this trip you can follow Tooluka thanks to a satellite tracker: a device that sends a position update every 10 minutes.
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    28-09-2017 positie:  52°42' N 005°17' E - Enkhuizen 
      temperatuur:   warm  
      wind:   SE 4-1 Bft  
      barometer:   1020 hPa  
      koers:   S  
      mijlen vandaag:   52M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   1096M  
      Enkhuizen, home sweet home! After a rrally good day on Terschelling, we left yesterday morning for the remaining 50 miles. After a foggy start, the visibility incresaed around 10.00 and eventually it turned into a beautiful sunny day. All sails set, and because the weather was so good, it all dried well and by the end of the afternoon we decided to take all sails off right away, to stow them below deck while they were dry. You never know when you will get another opportunity to dry everything again, so we grabbed the chance. We also noticed that we have been in a fall-mood for quite some time already. In Svalbard it was 'end of season' by mid August, northern Norway same story, and even in southern Norway we didn't have to pay harbour dues because end of August the summer season was over. Here in Holland, we now notice most trees are still green and the harbours still full. And the temperature (and humidity) is high, much higher than we are used to, so that will need some getting used to. Tooluka is back in her home port and a completely different season is about to start. So for the time being this is the last message, radio silence for a while, thank you everybody who followed us, and a special thank you for the enthusiastic guests who joined us this summer. Till another time, warm regards, Jan and Eef
    25-09-2017 positie:  53°21' N 005°13' E - West-Terschelling 
      wind:   E-ly 3-4 Bft  
      barometer:   1021 hPa  
      koers:   S  
      mijlen vandaag:   92M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   1044M  
      At 16.00 we were moored in the yacht harbour of Terschelling, after a very good and easy crossing. We had beautiful weather, favourable wind, had to use the engine for just a short while because of lack of wind, we had sunshine and clear nights (most of the time), what else can you wish for in the North Sea end of September? Tonight we spent having dinner and drinks with friends and family, really good seeing each other again! The plan is to spend the day in Terschelling tomorrow, small jobs to be done of course and then continue to Enkhuizen on Wednesday. Altogether we have had such good weather all the way since Bodoe, it's been a fantastic 1000 Miles. Till next message, from Enkhuizen, Jan and Eef
    24-09-2017 positie:  54°38' N 005°11' E - Noordzee 
      temperatuur:   14 gr  
      watertemperatuur:   14 gr  
      wind:   ESE 1-4 Bft  
      barometer:   1023 hPa  
      koers:   S  
      mijlen vandaag:   135M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   951M  
    23-09-2017 positie:  56°50' N 005°38' E - Noordzee 
      temperatuur:   13 gr  
      watertemperatuur:   13 gr  
      wind:   ESE 4->6->3 Bft]  
      barometer:   1022->1024 hPa  
      koers:   S  
      mijlen vandaag:   99M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodoe:   817M  
    22-09-2017 positie:  58°27' N 005°59' E - Egersund 
      wind:   SE 6-7 Bft  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   718M  
      We are completely ready, all we need to do tomorrow is mount the safety pole inside and cast off our lines. Until Terschelling it is about 320nM, so wind and weather serving we will be there Monday. The forecast is for a SE and E wind, initially about 20-25 knots, then decreasing to light and after that increasing again to about 15 knots. Pleasant sailing. To start with we'll have quite a sea I suppose, because of the strong winds we had the past 2 days, but once the wind decreases, sea and swell usually decrease quite fast as well. We'll see. Norway has been fantastic and this little town has probably been the very nicest we have seen so far. A very pleasant cosy town, nice center, beautiful surroundings. We entered 2 days ago by passing inside of the island and that was really spectacular. Hope we will once have an opportunity to return, and then hopefully spend more time here. But now we're first on our way home! I will report again once we are in Holland, and in the mean time I will send the midnight positions, for you to judge our progress. Until then, Eef
    20-09-2017 positie:  58°27' N 005°59' E - Egersund 
      wind:   WSW 2-4 Bft  
      barometer:   1010->1012 hPa  
      koers:   SE  
      mijlen vandaag:   41M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   718M  
    19-09-2017 positie:  58°55' N 005°34' E - Tananger 
      wind:   kalm  
      koers:   SSW  
      mijlen vandaag:   53M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   677M  
    17-09-2017 positie:  60°49' N 004°46' E - Rongevær-Sauøyna 
      temperatuur:   warm  
      wind:   kalm  
      koers:   SSE  
      mijlen vandaag:   73M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   550M  
      After having been rolled and shaken for a day and a half, we decided to take shelter behind the islands again right after we passed the infamous peninsula Stad. Today (17th), we continued our journey south, in protected waters. Beautiful sailing, unfortunately the forecasted N-wind has blown itself out, and it is flat calm, so we steamed all day. Only when close to the open ocean, we felt the swell rolling in, but for the rest it was very calm, and sunny! For the coming days the forecast is for calm weather, so we continue our journey south, until close to Stavanger, where we will wait for a favourable forecast for the crossing to the Netherlands. Tonight we found another beautiful little anchorage. Friendly little cottages and sheds ashore, we are still not quite used to everywhere, really everywhere, seeing houses and cottages, probably mostly summer houses, but still. And everywhere ferries, electricity, roads, an amazing infrastructure. Till next message, warm regards from Tooluka, Eef
    16-09-2017 positie:  1.°2.' , 05.°6.' - Haukedalssvika,Skatestraumen 
      wind:   N-ly 3-6+ Bft  
      barometer:   1000->1010 hPa  
      koers:   SW  
      mijlen vandaag:   98M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   477M  
    15-09-2017 positie:  63°04' N 006°32' E - Norwegian coast 
      wind:   NNW 4 Bft  
      barometer:   996->1004 hPa  
      koers:   SW  
      mijlen vandaag:   82M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   379M  
    14-09-2017 positie:  63°48' N 008°47' E - Store Rottingen Hamna 
      temperatuur:   warm  
      watertemperatuur:   13 gr  
      wind:   S-ly 2  
      koers:   SW  
      mijlen vandaag:   37M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   297M  
      Another day with beautiful weather. With full sail and a little engine help, we made good progress again. The coast here consists of low rocky islands, we left the high mountains behind us for a while. Incredible how every little island is inhabited again, connected with each other by bridges and ferries and with all facilities. If possible we try to make a walk of an hour or so every day. Very pleasant! Last night we had Northern lights, with a capital, because it was fantastic! Rolling curtains of green and red-pink, beautiful! From tomorrow onwards (15/9) a couple of days of northerly winds are forecasted. We will try to make some extra miles, maybe continue through a night, and see if we can make it till southern Norway before the wind turns against us. We realize how lucky we are with the weather, especially knowing what the weather has been like in Holland the past days. Our intention is to bring this beautiful weather with us home, so be prepared for a very nice fall this year! Till later, Jan and Eef
    13-09-2017 positie:  64°02' N 010°01' E - Stokksund 
      wind:   SW 4  
      koers:   SW  
      mijlen vandaag:   12M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   260M  
    12-09-2017 positie:  64°10' N 010°12' E - Roan 
      wind:   SSE 4 Bft  
      koers:   SW  
      mijlen vandaag:   32M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   248M  
      Another short message from us. We are doing very well, are underway from early morning till late afternoon, usually under sail alone, sometimes with a bit of engine support, quite incredible. Lots of sunshine, yesterday and today bright blue skies! At night we get the shitty weather: lots of rain and way too much wind (last night). But then by 6 in the morning the sky has cleared again and the wind decreased: perfect! This afternoon we walked an hour to the village and back to do some shopping. Fresh vegetables, for the rest we live of the delicious left-overs of last trip. The progress is very good, the Norwegian landscape fabulous, especially the parts where we can sail between the rocks and little islands. What a country: all so well charted and beacon-ed. That, in combination with our new outside digital chart, makes it very easy to find our way between breakers, shallows and rocks.
    The forecast for the coming days is decreasing wind and turning against us, but for the 15th they talk about a northerly wind! If that may come true, we'll wait for that and then continue with the longer stretches. We'll see and let you know, Jan and Eef
    11-09-2017 positie:  64°31' N 010°47' E - Kværnøyvika 
      wind:   SE 4-6 Bft  
      koers:   SW  
      mijlen vandaag:   56M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   216M  
    10-09-2017 positie:  65°14' N 011°59' E - Rossvika, Kvaloeya 
      wind:   E-NE 3-4 Bft  
      koers:   SE  
      mijlen vandaag:   35M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   158M  
    09-09-2017 positie:  65°42' N 011°55' E - Nes, Vega 
      wind:   ESE 1-7+ Bft  
      koers:   SSW  
      mijlen vandaag:   61M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   123M  
      Short message! It is incredible that we left our dear guests only the day before yesterday and have now already come till here! We cast off our lines at 14.30 and have already sailed more than 120M by now. By far most of it under sail, as unfavourable the wind has been during our trips Lofoten and Svalbard, as favourable it is now! incredible, ESE, you can't wish for any better! The forecast is for 10-15 knots, we get 25-30+, but under double reefed main and small jib, we make good progress. Long days of sailing, beautiful skies, the landscape is fabulous, the sun shines a lot, so we enjoy it very much. For tomorrow light winds and rain forecasted, so maybe a shorter day and then Monday onwards again towards Holland, where we should be October 7th at the latest (my dad turns 90 on October 8th!). Every now and then I will send an update and in betwen just the locations of the anchorages. The Spot shows where we go, you can follow our progress. Warm regards from the good ship Tooluka, Eef
    08-09-2017 positie:  66°35' N 012°39' E - Nordnesoey 
      wind:   SE 0-7 Bft  
      koers:   SW  
      mijlen vandaag:   48M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   62M  
    07-09-2017 positie:  67°09' N 013°57' E - Fallsundet 
      mijlen vandaag:   14M  
      mijlen totaal sinds bodø:   14M  



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